Brad Paisley's DAW Bobcat uses a FluxTone Speaker.
Scott demos his FluxTone Speaker.
The Tonight Show guitarists play a FluxTone equipped amp.
Brad Paisley demonstrating his Dr.Z cab with FluxTone's attenuating guitar speakers.
Nick Moroch gets wowed by a FluxTone equipped, Denver Amp Works 2-12 combo
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Corner Music's Ben Miller plays a DAW Bassman with a pair of FluxTone speakers
David Hidalgo keeps his touch and tone real with a FluxTone attenuating guitar speaker
Cesar Rosas, uses a FluxTone attenuating guitar speaker in a DAW Tweed Deluxe.
Greg McRae uses a FluxTone guitar speaker equipped Deluxe at Coupe Studios
FluxTone's attenuating Guitar Speaker solves the harmonica player's conundrum
Westwood Music in LA. has a Fender B.F. Bassman with FluxTone attenuating guitar speakers.
FluxTone attenuating guitar speakers preserve your touch & tone while taming your volume.
DAW uses FluxTone's attenuating guitar speakers in an orchestra setting.
Will McFarlane checks out a DAW BF DeLuxe with a FluxTone attenuating Guitar Speaker
Denver Amp Works uses FluxTone attenuating guitar speakers at Nashville Expo 2011
Denver Amp Works (DAW) uses FluxTone attenuating guitar speakers at Nashville Expo
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Marc's '54 Fender Pro Tweed retrofitted with an attenuating FluxTone guitar speaker
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FluxTone's attenuating guitar speaker in an extension cabinet taming an Engl amplifier