FluxTone Model 2

"Original Jensen F-12-N"

Cone, spider, and voice coil C-12-N Jensen factory parts

This is speaker has a marvelous flat like response...think "JBL D-120"

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FluxTone Model 2

50 Watts rms, 8 Ohms, 12 inch, 15 pounds, This driver has a smooth, straightforward and full-bodied tone with high frequency chime.

MicrophoneBeyer M 160 @ 18 inches (on axis)
Pre-AmpGrace Design M 501
GuitarMexican Strat (Dimed)

Includes VMT “Speaker Control” and Wires

VMT Speaker Control
VMT Speaker Control
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$1125 (list) + $ Shipping in lower 48 states.

(If you're outside of this area, please Contact Us before ordering.)


Technical Information


Jensen model (P12R) 25 watt 8 Ohm

This is the voice of an original Jensen P12R, from a well preserved 50 year old driver.


FluxTone Model 2 50 watt 8 Ohm

This is the voice of a FluxTone Model 2. As you can see the pattern is nearly the same.

Thiele & Small Parameters
Magnet Type (Alnico Topology)Copper & Iron
Magnet weight11.7 Lbs.
Resonant Frequency(fs)112Hz
DC Resistance (Re)6.5
Coil Inductance (Le)0.90mH
Mechanical Q (Qms)7.01
Force Factor (BxL)12.11 Wb/m
Total Q (Qts)0.92
Compliance Equivalent Volume (Vas)27.6 liters
Mechanical Compliance (Cms)82 µm/N
Diaphragm Area (Sd)490.8 cm²
Reference Efficiency (no)3.48%
Maximum Linear Excursion (Xmax)1.0mm
Losses Electrical Resistance (Res)42.5 ohms