Classic Blackface

FluxTone two 12, with separate VMT controls for each voice.

Mojotone 2-12 extension cabinet with separate VMT controls for each voice. New convertible cabinet: open or closed back with FluxTone model #1 (classic American cone) and FluxTone model #3 (Celestion vintage 30 cone)

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FluxTone Extension Cabinet
FluxTone Extension Cabinet
Optional Top Controls
Optional Rear Controls
Closed Back


Mojotone 2-12 cabinet$250.00
Custom Hole Cutout$25.00
Black Tolex Finish$30.00
Freight Fees$124.00
Total Cost of Cabinet$429.00
Fluxtone Power Supply and Controls$225.00
Fluxtone (Model 1)"Classic American Tone"$1875.00
Fluxtone (Model 4)"Celestion Vintage 30"$1275.00
Assembly Fees$76.00
Total Price as Shown$3,880.00